“KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP slogan
Gennady Morozov: "KazMunayGaz" will transfer 150 of its stations to private management.
For the first time in Kazakhstan petrol stations under the national brand will be able to manage individuals. The Oil Company “KazMunayGaz — processing and marketing“ opens a partner program, according to which it is planned to transfer in private hands almost half of its petrol stations in various regions of the Republic to the end of the year.
A ban on the import of fuel from Russia will not cause the deficit of petrol in Kazakhstan-KMG
With the introduction of the ban on imports of Russian petrol, shortage does not threaten Kazakhstan domestic market. Deputy General Director for marketing of «KazMunayGas-processing and marketing» Erlan Koybagarov reported to the correspondent of Tengrinews.kz in the exclusive interview about this problem.
The national project "Choice of the Year in Kazakhstan №1" Kazakhs again cast their votes for the brand "KazMunaiGas"
In Kazakhstan, was awarded the best in the arts, sports, medicine and business. Almaty hosted the fifteenth annual ceremony honoring the winner of “Man of the Year” and “Choice of the Year.” In the categories “gas station chain № 1”, “Fuel № 1” became the company “KazMunaiGas Onіmdery” for which for the past 4 years has been actively voted by consumers.
About "healthy power supply" of the car – experts

You bought the car. She is beautiful — she delights the outlines, and soft purring of the motor caresses hearing and blood excites, slightly pricking finger-tips impatience. You long dreamed of it, read about its characteristics much, and many times discussed its advantages. No wonder that you care about her “health”.

A day in the life of the master gas station

We all use everyday transport, who as a passenger, who as voditelya.Konechno same regularly refuel fuel and each driver has a certain gas station, where he likes to fill his car the most. 

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