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It is very pleasant to get gifts especially in the form of a surprise, especially for New Year. 688 clients of the chain of the “KazMunayGas” gas stations have won valuable prizes, including 16 cars, 32 trips for two to Thailand, 160 TV sets, 240 video recorders and 240 navigators.

A car for gasoline

An unprecedented drawing was held by the “KazMunayGas Onimderi” company from June 1 to October 1, 2015. Under the terms of the action its customers had to fill their cars at the “KazMunayGas” gas stations with any kind of fuel in a volume of 40 liters or more for at least 7 times within the four months.

83,873 car owners from all over Kazakhstan took part in the action. Most participants, 15,542 people, were in Astana and from 3 to 9000 people were in other regions. Just before the start of the action 215,319 coupons for a set of 7 stamps and checks have been issued.

It must be said the company “KazMunayGas Onimderi” likes to give presents to their customers. On March 8 in Astana, Almaty and Karaganda every woman, who filled her car at the KMG gas station, was given a delicious gift. During the period of January-May in Astana motorists who refueled their cars with gasoline of AI 95 and 98 in the amount of not less than 500 liters for 2 months were handed boxing gloves autographed by the Olympic champion Serik Sapiev. And on the last New Year everyone who refueled 50 liters and more was given a brush with scraper and mittens for cleaning cars.

From Heart to Heart

“KazMunayGas” holds a variety of events on a regular basis. The company has developed a social project “Atymtay” existing on donations of the staff and designed primarily to assist the company’s employees (treatment, assistance to victims of natural disasters, etc.). Also gas stations employees are always ready to help children and veterans of World War II. A targeted assistance is provided to veterans annually. On Children’s Day every child in the car traditionally receives a gift.

In addition within the framework of the charitable action “From Heart to Heart” on the eve of International Children’s Day children of the Astana orphanage, dealing with educating and caring for orphans and children left without parental care as well as children with disabilities, were presented with a huge trampoline.

This is a drawing!

The action “Click on the gas together with” KazMunayGas “was the most ambitious of all prior. Apparently, that’s why many of the participants initially perceived it as a PR stunt. Nurbolat Tulebaev, one of the winners of the lottery, has never believed in the lottery. When gas stations “KazMunaiGas” announced the drawing of cars, he even did not hope for luck. Still he decided to put the ticket into the drawing machine.

— I got a call from the “KazMunayGas Onimderi” company. They said I had won a navigator and asked me to come to the gas station for a gift. We arrived with my wife, and there I was suddenly handed over the car keys. I did not even believe it. All my relatives and friends thought to the last that I was joking at them until I completely designed the car in my name. Later they even scolded me for not having told anyone about the action, — laughs Nurbolat Utepbergenovich.

At that time Nurbolat was thinking about buying a new car. Ironically, his choice fell on the Skoda brand. “Perhaps Allah himself heard my desires and gave me a car as a winning. I do not see any other way to explain it. I want to say to all drivers: be sure to take part, believe my experience that this is true and you can actually win a car!”- shares his joy Nurbolat. — “KazMunayGas” is a national company, so it inspires confidence. I like everything — the quality of gasoline, the service and the price are good, the location is very convenient. Now after having won the car I will fill my car only at the “KazMunayGas” stations.”

Vladimir Spichak, who won a car, decided to try his luck in two cities at a time and put two tickets in Petropavlovsk and one in Kokshetau:

— To be honest, I was in doubt and kept telling my wife that I wouldn’t win the car, but it was a DVR that I wanted. When I got the call, I immediately got tensed and thought my son had done something at the college. But I was told that I had won a car. I am sure all the residents of our village will now fill up at the “KazMunayGas” gas stations.

News about Vladimir Vasilyevich’s winning a car did not cause any surprise in his native village, as there it was the third won car already. Another thing is that for the first time a car of this class was drawn: expensive, comfortable, as they say, “packed”.

This machine was highly anticipated by Ruslan Zhanazhanov as well. He became a client of the “KazMunayGas” company just six months ago, but he has already managed to assess the quality of fuel and service.

— My work is related to transportation, I deal with sending cargo to Russia, so the volume of my fuel purchase is large. And a “KazMunayGas” gas station is very conveniently located on the way. When the action started, I immediately began to collect coupons. I watched drawing on TV channel “Khabar”. Navigators and DVRs had been already drawn, and I still didn’t win anything. After travel vouchers had been drawn, I got disappointed to have won nothing and threw away the tickets in the trash.

But after they announced numbers of tickets having won TVs, he had to get the tickets back from the dustbin and enjoy success.

A travel to a country of smiles

Among the owners of new cars there are four businessmen, a policeman, a teacher of physical education, a pensioner, a driver, a mechanic, an electrician, three managers and four people not having a permanent job.

Owners of television sets, video recorders and navigators have already evaluated the image quality and practicality of the won prizes. And as for the trip to Thailand it will be in January. The company has already prepared the whole package of services, clients of the LLP “KazMunayGas Onimderi” will relax at the resort of Pattaya town. But the company has prepared for the 64 holders of the vouchers one more surprise: free excursions to a snake farm, a snake show, a visit to the museum of stones and Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

— We are grateful to our customers for their confidence and hope that alongside with the confidence the number of our customers will grow. And for our part we’ll try to provide them with the best service and quality product. Because our goal is to make clients of the “KazMunaiGas” retail network our friends for many years, — said the first deputy general director of “KazMunaiGas Onimderi” Gaziz Koshanov.

The company’s management assures that this is only the first major event in a series of follow-up and there are a lot of pleasant surprises and gifts in store for customers of the “KazMunaiGas” stations.

Arguments and Facts, December 16, 2015

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