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Astana. June, 12. KazTAG — In July, in Kazakhstan the unique partner program for transfer of gas station to private management will start. Tender procedures on selection of participants are carried out now. Soon the first results will be summed up. The director of the department of stockpile management and logistics “KazMunaiGas Onimdery“ Bakhytzhan Tasanbaev tells to our agency about the course of implementation of the program.
- Tell us, please, about the purpose of the program.
— The program is carried out in the framework of the transformation of the group of companies ”Samruk-Kazyna“ and its main goal — to optimize costs and support for small and medium-sized businesses. The main principle of the new program — CODO (Company Owned Dealer Operated), which means “The company has — the dealer controls.” We introduce international experience in the management of network of gas stations. Wherein gas station not be privatized and remain in property of the company, the only supplier of petroleum products remains LLP ”KazMunaiGas Onimdery.“ The quality will not suffer as accredited laboratories of KMG will analyze the gasoline and diesel fuel as well as on any gas stations under the brand of ”KazMunaiGas“.

- Whether you transfer burden of profitability to small business?
-The profit of any business consists of a set of factors. In many respects it will depend on existence of a so-called enterprise vein and desire to reduce the level of expenses. Control of work of the employees is important. For this reason it will be simpler to private trader to operate one or several nearby gas stations, than to partners from large business. The income from shop will be an additional factor — all of us understand that the shop is favorable even in the small settlement, not to mention gas station.

Considering that the location of gas stations transmitted agriculture and en-route, we can confidently say that the income will be higher than the average manager in the region. In general, more than 97% of the number of transmission gas station profitable today, the management of the company. Only a few gas stations, built at the request of local government offices of villages have social status. But LLP “KazMunaiGas Onimdery” is ready and will provide the necessary profitability of all partners.

- Which regions are most interested to participate in the program?
— Calls are received from all regions, and highlight any one is difficult. The most active is, of course, Almaty. Also active are Aktobe and Akmola regions.

- Tell us about the participants of the program. Who are they?

— The people of all ages and gender address to us. And their purposes of participation in the program too differ. Contract terms, as a rule, interest someone these are people of middle age who need stability of obtaining the income more. Our contracts signed until the end of 2017 with possibility of prolongation for 2 years will allow partners to provide stability of the income in medium-term prospect. Possibility of increase of the income and the sum of means, necessary for start, is interesting to younger participants.

- What worries of potential participants?
— All questions can be divided into 2 groups: questions of participation in open tender and questions according to the program. In the first group questions are standard and concern procedures of purchases according to rules of JSC NWF Samruk-Kazyna — how to be registered on a portal how to receive competitive documentation and so forth. The second group of questions concerns directly the program. On the questions concerning remuneration payment we explain that payments will be paid on a monthly basis in proportion to volumes of realization of gas station current month. The rate for liter will be defined following the results of the tender. Potential participants are also interested in the exposed plans of realization; we specify that the established plans aren’t overestimated, in the last periods this gas station realized above this plan.

Source: www.kaztag.kz
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