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The fuel stations are periodically faced with the complaints on the amount of fuel when topping off the tanks of their vehicles. Here is what experts say about it.

Overflows. Many car enthusiasts are perplexed when their tanks are filled with more fuel than what is indicated in their car specifications.

Do not rush into conclusions to get the book of complaints if you think that you have been cheated.

The real reason to this are not the fuel station employees of crooked stations but the real capacity of the tank. Almost all car-makers do not take into consideration the full tank capacity. Hence if you take out the hose after the click of the gas pump the tank might only be filled up to 45 liters (according to the specifications) but if you continue straining the tank it could fill up to 50-55 liters. 

The indicated in the specification capacity does not include the “safety room”

The specified, by auto-makers, volume differs from the real capacity for a reason. The producers do not count the safety room. But this safety room is created for a reason.

“In practice, it is known that if a fuel tank is filled to the fullest capacity, the tank might take up more fuel than what was specified by the auto-makers. This can be easily explained: the overloaded tank leaves no ventilation in the system of the fuel tank. The tank needs air supply otherwise it creates a low pressure and the supply of fuel into the engine worsens. Also the ventilation is vital in heated weather for the fuel to have enough room to expand. For abovementioned reasons, the auto-makers indicate the maximum fuel capacity disregarding the safety room – in that – the maximum capacity of the fuel tank of your vehicle,” experts say.

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