“KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP slogan

A fuel card "KazMunayGas" - is a modern and reliable way to purchase a fuel on the whole territory of Kazakhstan,  that allow to refuel any type of fuel, and having a high level of protection against unauthorized use and abuse in the sale of fuel.

Advantages of the fuel card «KazMunayGas»:

1. An extensive network of petrol stations on fuel card acceptance. 

2. Ease and convenience of movement

More than 300 petrol stations, 3 petrol stations-gas stations, 12 gas stations, accepting the fuel card «KazMunayGas" on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Savings of costs on oil products

  • favorable conditions for cooperation and flexible system of discounts;

  • possibility of fixing prices on the date of payment (fuel card recharge). By paying "today", you are insured against possible increase of price "tomorrow";
  • possibility of setting  restrictions for refilling fuel type and maximum volume of fuel sample per day, and / or per month, allowing to provide 100% of control and accounting of fuel consumption;
  • timely planning of funds expenditure, based on an analysis of current consumption;
  • absence of hidden payments and any commission.

4. Costs control

  • reducing the labor intensity at the bookkeeping due to full and detailed report;

  • analysis of information on the use of fuel cards by drivers and on the facts of refueling your vehicle in a network of petrol stations;
  • optimization of costs for maintaining the automotive fleet on the basis of information received;
  • opportunity in a real time through "Personal Account" to control the remains for further redistribution of fuel volumes on maps of your drivers.

Dear customers!

We would like to remind you to regularly monitor the refill dates to avoid cancellations and to take timely measures for further use.  

Should you have any questions please inquire at the sales offices.

5. Possibility of the selection of calculation on fuel cards

  • «Money wallet" - incoming a sum of money on the account, within which you have the right to receive any kind of fuel at any petrol station at current prices;

  • «Liter wallet" - incoming on the account a certain type and amount of fuel, within which you may obtain a fuel at any petrol station at fixed prices.

6. Safety

  • guarantee of the safety of your money, thanks to the protection of fuel cards by PIN. Fuel card has a high level of protection against duplication and forgery;

  • possibility to quickly lock and recover of funds / liter, using an operator of Call-center in case of loss or theft of fuel cards;
  • convenience and safety of the acquisition of petroleum products without the use of cash in the long-distance flights (long distance and international).

7. Functions of a Personal account

  • recharge online through E-Pay service;
  • view current status of accounts / cards;
  • view and download of a history - accounts recharge, purchases for required period; 
  • view and printout of a summary report for selected period;
  • locking / unlocking of account / card;
  • change of a PIN-code in case of the client wish to use an individual password;
  • receiving of a PIN-code of your card and account password in case of loss of  current password;
  • management of transaction / daily / weekly limits for the account / card;
  • feedback with support service of personal account of the "KazMunayGas Onimderi" LLP

For legal persons fuel card is available  for temporary free use during the term of a Contract

For individuals fuel card is acquired in property after payment of its value.


To get cards it is necessary:

1. Conclude an agreement in any of the 21 sales offices in Kazakhstan

2. Provide:

  • power of attorney to receive cards (for legal persons);

  • Identity card (for individuals)

3. Fill in an application form

4. Make the payment by transfer of money:

  • in a Seller's bank account (cashless payment);

  • in a Seller’s cash desk (cash).
Conclude an agreement

Договор для СХТП налив (для дальн розн реал).docx

Договор для СХТП налив (для соб.нужд ).docx

Договор по КС для Самрука (годовой, денежный счет).doc

Договор по КС для Самрука (литровый счет, по предоплате).doc

Договор для Самрука наливом (с предоплатой).docx

Договор по КС для ТОО, ЧЛ ( литровый счет).doc

Договор по КС для ТОО, ЧЛ (годовой, денежный счет ).doc

Договор для ТОО, ЧЛ налив (для соб.нужд самовывоз).docx

Договор для ТОО, ЧЛ налив (для дальн розн реал самовывоз).docx

Fill in

Application form