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An electronic coupon is an encoded digital confirmation with the information about the type and volume of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel), as well as its validity.

The electronic coupon system lets customers, after making a 100 percent advance for oil products, receive a coupon with a unique number (code) already assigned to each particular customer in the electronic database. The customer, after printing out the unique number (code) by means of a mobile phone, can receive the given amount of fuel at any KazMunaiGas fuel station.

The advantages of the KMG coupons:

1. The large network of the fuel stations that accept the coupons.

More than 300 stations, 3 fuel and gas stations, 12 gas stations accepting the electronic coupons in the entire territory of Kazakhstan.

2. The coupons are user-friendly and are easy to use.

  • Saves time;
  • Fixes the price for petroleum for a certain period of time;
  • Gives online control through the Personal page;
  • Simplifies the paperwork for both the customer and the operators at the fuel stations;
  • Full reporting on all operations with coupons in online mode;
  • Advantageous terms for cooperation;
  • Timely cash flow planning based on current consumption analysis;
  • No hidden charges or commission.

3. Payment methods.

Payment can be made by a bank card through the E-pay service and/or transfer (transfer to the seller’s account or to the seller’s cashier in the event that the total amount of one order does not exceed 1,000 monthly settlement figures).

4. Security.

The electronic coupon, unlike paper, is well protected. If you lose or someone steals your coupon, you can block the coupon yourself and restore money by sending a written request.

5. Selection of oil products.

Electronic coupons are considered valid and accepted for servicing at fuel stations throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan only during their validity in accordance with the denominations of the Electronic coupons.

In the event that the fuel does not fill into the tank of the customer’s vehicle, it is necessary to use the remainders of the unselected volume during the current shift at the previously filled fuel station.

6. Personal Page functions.

  • refilling online via the E-Pay service;
  • viewing the current status of electronic coupons;
  • viewing and downloading order history;
  • viewing and printing the invoice for payment for the selected period;
  • blocking / unlocking electronic coupons;
  • editing the profile and changing the password;
  • feedback from the support service of the Personal Page of KazMunaiGaz Onimderi.

To receive electronic coupons, ones needs to:

1. Register at www.azskmg.kz in the section Personal Page of Electronic coupons.

2. Terms of the contract:

2.1. For individuals - read the public offer and confirm the link “I agree with the terms and conditions” Public offer is attached.

2.2. For companies - registration and execution of the contract is made at sales offices. The draft contract is attached.

3. Place an order for fuel.

4. Download and print the invoice for payment.

5. Make the payment.

6. After the successful payment in the Personal Page of ​​the customer, Electronic coupons will be available in the Coupons section, which can be sent to e-mail or printed out for further use at the fuel station *.

* Instruction for customers to work with electronic coupons is attached.

The customer is responsible for:

- the completeness and reliability of the information, the details of the customer indicated for registration in the Personal Page.

- reproduction, copying, scanning and transfer of Electronic coupons to third parties.

Electronic coupons with the barcodes that cannot be read, as well as previously used coupons, are not accepted for servicing at the fuel station*.

Note: To avoid possible problems with reading barcodes on the filling station*, the customer must print out Electronic coupons in good quality.

* fuel ​​stations (including gas stations)

Public offer

Draft agreement