“KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP slogan

«KazMunayGaz Onimderi» JSC fleet of transport vehicles

1.benzovoz.jpgThe petrol tanker vehicle fleet in “KazMunayGas Onimderi” JSC is 235 units including gas tankers. The company possesses the best up-to-date petrol tankers made in Russia to deliver oil products to petrol stations which satisfy all the requirements of hazardous cargo transportation. Tank lorries are used for transportation, short storage and fueling with refined oil products which density is no more than 0,83 t\m3. The volume of cisterns is fr om 4 to 40 m3. The cisterns are installed on chassis of MAZ, KAMAZ. Standard complete set includes a bottom valve Sening, BRS Elaflex, aluminum fillers. The cisterns are equipped with multisectional capacities which include fr om one to four isolated hermetic compartments that enable to fulfill delivery of four kinds of oil products simultaneously.

Fuelling vehicles for transportation of combustibles are equipped with fire safety means. To protect fr om fire in an accident there are baffles and special partitions inside the tanks. Static electricity, which is accumulated in walls of the tanks upon transporting and pouring off, poses a threat for fuel trucks. A tiny spark can flame gasoline vapors and lead to an accident. To avoid it the tanks were fit with special earth loop, which allows remove static charge.

All the fuel trucks are hydroficated and meet the requirements to motor vehicles which carry dangerous cargo, also they are equipped with control devices of drivers’ work-rest terms recording (tachographs). 

Professional experience of the drivers who fulfill dangerous cargo transportation is 3 and more years. All the drivers have gone through special training and have certificates of their admission to transportation of dangerous cargo.

Technical maintenance and repair of fuel trucks is fulfilled in specialized repair centers such as «KamAZ Autocenter» which has modern equipment, tools and materials, high-qualifies staff.

Petroleum depots

«KazMunayGaz Onimderi» JSC stores POL at 37 petroleum depots in 11 regions of Kazakhstan. All the oil product storage bases meet the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. . Storehouses which consist of a building complex, facilities and communications for organizing acceptance, storage, sale and recording of oil products — a necessary link in the technology chain of wholesale and retail of oil products.

The main tasks of the petroleum depots are first of all to ensure uninterrupted supply of the own network of filling stations with necessary volumes of oil products, to guarantee quality safety and to minimize losses during acceptance, storage and sale.

neftebaza1.jpg neftebaza2.jpgDelivery of oil products to the petroleum depots is carried out by motor, railway and pipeline transport depending on the design of a petroleum depot. 

All the petroleum depots are equipped with a telephone line, with materials and means for mitigation of possible emergencies, including prevention of oil product spill accidents.


Operation of petroleum depots does not lead to pollution of the environment (air, surface waters, soil) with harmful substances over permissible rates.

To save the oil products quality and efficiency of their transportation to Astana the first petroleum storage depot with automation system, which enables to carry out receipt and delivery of oil products at the one and the same working place, has been put into operation. The bulk of the tank farm is 9600 m3. An overpass for 6 spaces is used to receive and deliver railway wagons-cisterns. Besides, 5 petrol tankers can be served at the same time here.

As part of the investment project "Development of retail network " KazMunaiGas " in 2006-2011, overhauled and tank farms in Karaganda , Ust-Kamenogorsk . 

Overhaul of oil depot Karaganda completed in 2012 , and in turn, oil depot , Ust-Kamenogorsk completed in 2013. 

Storage capacity of the tank farm in Karaganda to overhaul 7400 cubic meters and 28,500 cubic meters after Accordingly, the oil depot , Ust-Kamenogorsk and 9000 cubic meters of 14500 cubic meters. 

During overhauls tank farms , the following activities: 

  • Repair of the railway siding and loading facility -wagons ; 

  • Pumping stations ; 

  • Repair of old and construction of new reservoirs ; 

  • Replacement of technological pipelines and valves ; 

  • Repair of cars filling station oil ; 

  • Repair and construction of water treatment facilities ; 

  • Repair of ABC building , FMP , workshops, garages and walk-through ; 

Renovated building both tank farms have modern sprinkler system and alarm system, connected to the central engineering networks and communications ( water, sewage, heating and electricity) . 

These automated tank farm, commercial accounting system provided oil, structured cabling system. 

Currently, the storage depots complied with all applicable requirements of the fire and safety, hygiene and ecology.


ob.JPGFor the retail objects «KazMunayGaz Onimderi» JSC uses equipment of various fuel dispensing unit producers such as Tokheim, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Dresser Wayne AB, Petposan, etc.

The majority of the filling stations of «KazMunayGaz Onimderi» JSC is equipped by fuel dispensing units (FDU) of «Tokheim» mark, Quantium 500Т and Quantium 300Т series.

Quantium 500Т is a multi-product fuel dispensing unit capable of selling up to 4 kinds of oil products. The equipment is fit with the system of self-return of fuel dispensing hose pipes. Quantity of hose pipes — from 1 to 8. Equipment productivity is 40 liters per minute, 40/ 80 /130 liters per minute for diesel fuel.

In order to improve the quality of service all petrol stations "KazMunaiGaz" are equipped with automated program management «MasterPOS» and online system of non-cash payments «MasterSoft", which allow to control sales remotely.  Software solutions make it possible to carry out the complex automation of all levels of petrol stations management  in oil products trade, including the system of non-cash payments, management and control of all operations, equipment parameters and actions, as well as compliance with the single technological cycle.

Use of automated control systems allowed to increase labor productivity, reduce losses during acceptance of oil products from gasoline trucks, and essentially reduce influence of the human factor on the operating process.

New opportunities

Gasoline stands of KazMunayGas were presented in a new style after a short reconstruction. Bright outward design attracts car owners from afar; the company has chosen a new the most optimal design decision based on visual perception of the brand «KazMunayGas». The brand itself is left recognizable and at the same time it has got evident «leader» signs of the leading company on the market of oil products realization in Kazakhstan.


New design constructive and technological developments have been implemented during the reconstruction: connection of inside and outside point suspension of the advertising equipment, price indication of glasses wh ere every line of the price field is an independent panel in the form of «traveling line». It enables to show information about the oil price in a static mode, and information about auctions and discounts at the gasoline stand, as well as congratulations in the mode of the traveling line.

At the same time not only has an outward appearance been changed, but an inside decoration of the gasoline stands as well. A shop of accompanying goods has been open wh ere new options were implemented. These options have been unknown to a Kazakh driver before (a washing post). Only the most qualitative materials and component units have been used in the output of the production.

As practice shows reconstruction gives good results and enable to increase the number of customers and their loyalty. Besides, it helps to expand not only quantity and quality if rendered services for customers, but the speed of service as well.

Today, 274 petrol stations acquired the new look.