“KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP slogan

Currently, the retail network of petrol stations "KazMunaiGaz" covers 342 petrol stations, including 12 gas stations, AGFCS (See "Expanding the network of petrol stations"), as well as 11 own oil storage facilities.

Clients are offered high-quality fuel of domestic refineries and fuel of refineries of Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, as well as the wide range of related products and additional services: shops, campsites, service stations, car washes at all petrol stations "KazMunaiGaz" .

Payment can be made by any convenient way for you - cash, bank payment cards, fuel cards.

The comfortable system of non-cash payments, which allows to control the costs for fuel and to control the costs for oil and lubricants, is designed for the "KazMunaiGaz" clients in each region.

In the company the system of quality control of petroleum products at all stages of fuel movement: the reception of tank cars at the oil depot, fuel storage in tanks of oil depots, transfer from oil depots to petrol stations and realization of fuel to consumers, has been set up and is now in operation.

The fuel quality control at the KazMunaiGas facilities is carried out by the laboratories of the "Testing Center" branch accredited in the state system of accreditation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The laboratories have control of more than 8,500 sites in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau annualy. Some 2,500 sites are at the stage of receipt; 2,300 at the stage of storage at oil bases; 3,700 at the stage of realization.

The modern high-tech laboratory equipment allows testing of motor gasoline and diesel fuel in accordance with the requirements of international standards. Each year, the laboratories carry out about 151,000 tests, including motor gasoline - more than 97,000 test, diesel fuel - about 54,000 tests.

In the presence of complaints about the fuel quality, consumers can follow the handout.

Since July 2015, "KazMunaiGaz Onimderi" LLP has launched the unique for Kazakhstan partner program on transfer of almost half of petrol stations "KazMunaiGaz" to private management. The program is designed to support small businesses, is aimed at improving the economic situation in regions, contributing to creation of an efficient private sector and development of public-private partnership. Today, 151 petrol stations are transferred to private management.

The main directions of activity:

• Wholesale and retail sale of oil products, gas;

• Realization of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG);

• Operation and repair of petrol stations, oil depots, gas filling stations, automobile gas filling compressor stations;

• Provision of storage of petroleum products;

• Laboratory tests to determine the quality of oil products;

• Provision of related services at the petrol stations and gas stations.