“KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP slogan

"КazMunayGas Club" / "KMG Club" - is :

  • Profitable system of discounts for fuel

  • Significant savings

  • Participation in special promotions and draws of valuable prizes only for Club members. 


How it works:

1 type

Active system of discounts

Club card supports three (3) levels: Standard, Silver and Gold with the corresponding system of discounts for  fuel (excluding LPG and fuels, on  which the state regulation is established):

Type of card and the number of purchased liters per month

Type of card and the number of purchased liters per month   

Standard(0-149 L)

Silver(150-349 L)

Gold (350 L and more)

Amount of the discount for 1 liter

1 tenge

2 tenge

3 tenge

2 type

Bonus system of discounts *

  • discount for birthdays up to 5 tenge per liter

  • for holidays
  • Weekend discounts

  • Local discounts

  • Fuel discounts

  • Discount up to a full tank

  • Gift discount from the company and other

* It is Introduced to the company's discretion

KazMunaiGas Club / KMG Club card refill service is available for you convenience in the personal account section in mobile app or online at www.azskmg.kz.

A public offer of customers participation in the program of discounts

"KazMunayGas Club» / «KMG Club» - this is amazing opportunities and benefits!

Please be advised: Club cards are no longer sold. 

Information support of participants: Hotline – 8 800 080 22 22 99 11